Information Bulletin for Crop Season 2014 – 2015

go to site Reports provided are those of the mill, laboratory and SCPC during the sugar cane milling season also known as the “Zafra”. Data is intended to be informative and provide accurate data as the milling season progresses.

SIRDI’s greatest challenge is to adapt new, innovative best practices

казино слот играть онлайн The challenges to the industry have been many, natural and man-made. But Osorio says that in just five years SIRDI has made giant strides in the industry. Perhaps the greatest challenge has been persuading farmers to adapt new, innovative best practices. That remains an obstacle, but Osorio says that even that is much less of […]

SIRDI opens its headquarters up north

go here Today, hundreds of cane-farmers and sugar industry stakeholders joined dignitaries and government officials to officially open SIRDI’s new headquarters. The Sugar Industry Research and Development Institute was created in 2009, and since then has had tremendous impact on the industry. The building was financed by the European Union, and will enhance SIRDI’s ability to reach […]