Where is SIRDI located?

Mile 66.5 Buena Vista Village

Corozal District

Belize Central America

Telephone: (501)-670-3422


What type of services does SIRDI provide?

SIRDI is currently providing services for land preparation using its tractor implements and provision of clean cane seed for planting. See list of implements and specifications in Agriculture Engineering section.

What other activities does SIRDI do?

SIRDI carries out field activities through its farmer field school program, cane variety trials, fertilizer trials, frog hopper research, weather monitoring, implement calibration, implement design advice and management of the Sugar Industry Management Information System (SIMIS).


No, SIMIS is for stakeholder of the sugar industry and is being built with full collaboration of BSCFA, BSI/ASR, SIRDI and SCPC.t

What type of data does SIMIS manage?

SIMIS currently manages weather data, cane parcel data and a cane farmer ID system.

Is SIRDI a governmental organization?

No, SIRDI is a non-governmental organization.

Does SIRDI also provide capacity building?

Yes, SIRDI has well trained officers that can provide technical capacity building and advice based on your needs.

Can I do my internship at SIRDI?

Yes, SIRDI welcomes scientists especially those in the field of agriculture, GIS and environmental sciences to conduct their research at SIRDI.

Does SIRDI currently have a laboratory?

SIRDI has a mini laboratory that can do rapid analysis of water hardness, PH and for analysis of biological specimens. Soils samples are gathered and sent internationally to certified and recognized laboratories for analysis.