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The introduction of effective and efficient technologies designed specifically for the mechanical production of sugarcane to assist the sugarcane growers of Belize in being more productive. The primary focus is that of land preparation, emphasising its importance and the proper execution of the different tasks required for sugarcane production.

The training of Land preparation service providers and cane farmers in the identification of proper equipment selection and appraising the end product of the task utilized within the process of land preparation.

The utilization of proper drainage system, water conservation practices.

Our Inventory Includes:
Sirdi Tractor Services
Sub Soiler
Disc Plow
Three Row Furer
Two Row Fertilizer Application
Boom Sprayer
Minimum Tilage



Disc Plow


Three Row Furrower

Two Row Fertilizer Applicator

Two Boom Sprayer

Minimum Tilage

For more detailed specifications and tractor services with any of the equipment mentioned about please feel free to contact the Agriculture Engineer Coordinator at Mile 66.5 Philip Goldson highway.