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Expert Agronomist

SIRDI's Mission is to contribute to the development of a sugar cane industry that is efficient, globally competitive, and sustainable through transfer of improved technologies.


Erli Chan Sugar Cane Farmer
Irvin Villanueva Sugar Cane Farmer
David Aikerman Sugar Cane Farmer
Belize Sugar Cane Farmer

Mrs. Francisca Mendez

SIRDI Farmer Fields School Student

Through Sirdi's Farmer Fields School, I have been able to learn about best practices on how to grow and harvest sugar cane which i didn't know before. I encourage my fellow cane farmers to support SIRDI's initiative and to join the Farmer Field School Program.

Francisca has been able to increase her yields per acre for replanted fields from 21 to 40 tons per acre.

Tractor Services

We can help you improve your sugar cane productivity.