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Farmer Field School Students

The Sugar Industry Research& Development Institute of Belize (SIRDI) in collaboration with three high school from the northern District, namely Belize Adventist College (BAC) located in Calcutta village, Belize High School of Agriculture (BHSA) located in San Lazaro and Bishop Martin High School (BMHS) located in Orange Walk Town, celebrated the FFS Certificate of Completion Ceremony on June 5, 2019. BMHS celebrated the completion of the program on June 8th, 2019 at their Graduation Ceremony. The Program was held under the theme “Empowering the Youths of Belize through Learning by doing”

Twelve training modules were delivered to the group of enthusiastic youths who were willing and eager enough to venture into the Farmer Field School (FFS) best agronomic practices program. Sugarcane is the heart of the north, and is tied to the livelihood of sugarcane farmers. Therefore, it is fitting that the youths are equipped with knowledge, skills and tools for Sugarcane husbandry. These youths are further task to educate those in their surroundings to adopt and implement these better practices. The aim of the FFS program is to increase efficiency in sugarcane production, resulting in a positive impact on farmers’ livelihood.

There is a growing need to engage the youths as they are the future sugarcane growers. SIRDI is very well committed to integrate the youths in sugarcane production for a more productive and competitive sugar industry. Through the program, the youths of the future will be able to reap the benefits through their hard work and dedication. The completion of the FFS Training Program marks a new beginning for the youths, the best gift that can be granted is knowledge which no one can take away from them. As Mrs. Delgado, principal of BHSA stated, “Youths it is time to get your hands and boots dirty, but with a clean soul.”

The Sugar Industry Research & Development Institute (SIRDI) would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Principals, staff and most important the youths of these institutions (BAC, BMHS, and BHSA) for the oppprotunity to participate in empowering youths in sugarcane production through the Farmer Field School training methodology “Learn by Doing”, executed December 2017 to June 2019.

179 Students were enrolled in the Program:

  • BAC 78 Students
    37 Male, 41 Female
  • BMHS 49 Students
    18 Male, 12 Females
  • BHSA 52 Students
    28 Males, 24 Females

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